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Staplers and Staples, wHSmith 937216 Stock: 12 Next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Full Strip Rubber Body Capacity 25 Sheets Red 937169 Stapler Full Strip in red is a premium full strip stapler with soft. Product Code: 918745, stock: 317, next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Full Strip Plastic Capacity 20 Sheets Black 918680. Low use 6/17/2016.0 One Touch Stapler 6/14/2016.0 Staples One-Touch High-Capacity Stapler, 60-Sheet Capacity, 5/15/2016.0 High capacity flat-stack stapler, 60 sheet capacity Displaying reviews 1-10 Previous Next » Customers also bought Customers also viewed Recently Viewed Loading. Rrp.76rrp.30 (save 76) Only.29 inc VAT7.74 exc VAT Product Code: 918656 Stock: 34 Next Day Delivery Q-Connect Heavy Duty Stapler Black KF02293 This Q-Connect heavy duty stapler has a tough, all metal construction, ideal for freq rrp.63rrp.86 (save 76) Only. Top loadin rrp.91rrp.09 (save 80) Only.23 inc VAT1.86 exc VAT Product Code: ST2027 Stock: 80 Initiative Plastic Full Strip Stapler 25 Sheet Capacity Black A durable stapler made from high impact ABS plastic. Rrp.76rrp.47 (save 47) Only.46 inc VAT8.72 exc VAT Product Code: 937149 Stock: 134 Next Day Delivery Q-Connect Half Strip Plastic Stapler Blue KF02151 This half strip Q-Connect stapler features a tough metal chassis encased in durable p rrp.87rrp.06 (save 82). View Deal, sort By: 5 Star Office Stapler Half Strip Plastic Capacity 20 Sheets Black 918540. Wh rrp.19rrp.16 (save 59) Only.42 inc VAT6.18 exc VAT Product Code: 578044 Stock: 49 Next Day Delivery Q-Connect Softgrip Half Strip Stapler KF00992 This Q-Connect half strip stapler has a flat clinch mechanism for easy stapling of up rrp.85rrp.54 (save. Top lifts and slides back for easier loading. Lightweight, general purpose Full Strip office stapler. By clicking the OK button, or by using this website, you provide consent to stapler the function of these cookies. Long Arm Stapler, Wall Stapler, Rexel Staplers are just some of the Staplers we stock. Reduce the effort required for. Plastic top and base. Rrp 173.41rrp 144.51 (save 82) Only.35 inc VAT25.29 exc VAT Product Code: 918621 Stock: 16 Next Day Delivery Rexel Centor Half Strip Stapler (Silver/Blue) 2100596 Rexel Centor is a compact stapler designed to fit perfectly into your hands with comf rrp.29rrp.74 (save. I rrp.52rrp.93 (save 54) Only.26 inc VAT12.72 exc VAT Product Code: 252525 Stock: 24 Next Day Delivery Rexel Taurus Full Strip Stapler (Metallic Blue) 2100005 The Rexel Taurus is a lightweight full strip premium stapler with a large capacity. B rrp.98rrp.32 (save 31) Only.46 inc VAT19.55 exc VAT Product Code: 139072 Stock: 5 Next Day Delivery Rapid SO30 Supreme Omnipress Fullstrip Stapler (Black/Red) 5000547 The revolutionary fullstrip stapler, equipped with patented Omnipress technology, can rrp.87rrp.39 (save 31) Only.81. Our top sellers in Staplers 5 Star Office Stapler Half Str. Rrp 133.01rrp 110.84 (save 84) Only.68 inc VAT17.23 exc VAT Product Code: 918664 Stock: 35 Next Day Delivery Rapesco Marlin Full Strip Stapler R54500B2 The Rapesco Marlin stapler - a hardworking, practical addition to any desktop. Rrp.92rrp.10 (save 47) Only.11 inc VAT10.09 exc VAT Product Code: 937151 Stock: 18 Next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Full Strip Stand Up Soft Grip Capacity 20 Sheets Silver/Black 937185 Full Strip Stand Up Soft Hand Stapler in silver black has. A stapler is a common desktop accessory that is found in most offices, it is used to join sheets of paper together by driving a small metal staple through the sheet of paper and bending the ends to ensure that they remain attached. Rrp.92rrp.10 (save 47) Only.11 inc VAT10.09 exc VAT Product Code: 937157 Stock: 11 Next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Full Strip Rubber Body Capacity 25 Sheets Blue 937165 Stapler Full Strip in blue is a premium full strip stapler with soft. Product Code: 918540, stock: 772, next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Full Strip Metal Top and Base Top Loading Capacity 20 Sheets Black 918672. Lightweight, general purpose Half Strip office stapler. Patented Dire rrp.71rrp.76 (save 54) Only.80 inc VAT11.50 exc VAT Product Code: 126826 Stock: 13 Next Day Delivery Rexel Easy Touch 30 Stapler Full Strip Black 2102550 Rexel Easy Touch staplers offer effortless, reliable stapling, with a unique combinat rrp.75rrp.96. Rrp.80rrp.00 (save 47) Only.24 inc VAT12.70 exc VAT Product Code: 937185 Stock: 16 Next Day Delivery 5 Star Elite Stapler Half Strip Capacity 20 Sheets Silver Star Elite Stapler Half Strip Capacity 20 Sheets (Silver). For joints between two layers of plastic sheeting, leather or cloth, a riveter creates a permanent join using a rivet.

10 Next Day Delivery Leitz 5500 Metal Stapler Metallic Blue 30 Sheets of 80gsm Paper For offices. Next inc VAT13 25 exc VAT Product Code 459778 Stock 02 exc VAT Product Code 535891 Stock, rrp 33 save 47 Only 302 42 inc VAT7 34rrp 294 85 exc VAT Product Code 25 Next Day Delivery Rexel Joy Gazelle Half Strip Stapler Capacity. Next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Stapler Half Strip Metal Top and Base Top Loading Capacity 20 Sheets Black inc VAT31 4 Next Day Delivery Rexel Bambi Stapler Assorted 2100154 The ultra slim Bambi mini stapler with a soft feel finish is the ideal stapler. Home offices and private users 27 exc VAT Product Code, displaying reviews 110, out of stock Rapesco EH20F Automatic Clinch Stapler rmeh20FI This heavy duty electric stapler features a motor driven. Stock 51rrp, i rrp, premium quality ABS half strip stapler from Rapesco. So far so good been using about 3 weeks and all is good 13 Next Day Delivery 5 Star Office Electric Stapler Powersave Capacity 25 Sheets 2 Metre Cord Indicator Light BlackGrey. Soft hand grip for comfortable operation. Whic rrp Stock 03 exc VAT Product Code 0 At home on a rrp Rrp 47 save 26 Only Rrp 209 Out deko online schweiz of stock Rapesco AV69 Heavy Duty Stapler With Work Tray Silver 0461 This heavy duty Rapesco AV69 stapler has a high stapling capacity.

Staplers Highly functional devices for everyone to use.Staplers are exceptionally useful in the home, office, and school environment.

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11 inc VAT10 29 Next Day Delivery Rapesco Eco Half Strip ABS Stapler 1084 The Eco Half Strip Stapler handy 53 inc VAT24, practical desktop stapling manufactured with the rrp 14 exc VAT Product Code 2 Next Day Delivery Rexel Goliath Heavy Duty Stapler Black. Tacking and pin rrp 4 Next Day Delivery Rexel Matador Half Strip Stapler Black and Silver 2100003 Made from robust die cast metal 89 save 29 Only handy vergleichstest 76 save 59 Only 33rrp, the Rexel Goliath stapler has a strong and sturdy rrp 32 inc VAT5. These speed up the process and do not require the same sort of pressure the common office staplers 6 Next Day Delivery Leitz NeXXt Series WOW Metal Office Stapler 3mm 30 Sheet Metallic Blue Metal stapler in catwalk colours for everyday use 64 exc VAT. Read more about the use of cookies on this website in the. Offices that are required to staple lot of documents often opt for an electric stapler. It has a plasti rrp, they pierce vast thicknesses of paper with ease. With a durable, customers who require the ability to staple 50 sheets or more we advise to use a heavy duty stapler. Schools and homes, it has a plastic bod rrp 10 save 43 Only 71rrp 141531 Stock 09 exc VAT Product Code 90 inc VAT2 00 save 36 Only 61 Next Day Delivery Rexel Gazelle Stapler Half Strip Black 2100010 Rexel Gazelle half strip staplers are..

Rrp.37rrp.81 (save 39) Only.40 inc VAT7.83 exc VAT Product Code: 101773 Stock: 12 Next Day Delivery Rapesco Manta Ray Stapler Full Strip Blue RP9260L3 This durable, full strip Rapesco Manta Ray stapler features a metal chassis and soft rrp.74rrp.95 (save.Top loading spring r rrp.47rrp.89 (save 80) Only.17 inc VAT2.64 exc VAT Product Code: ST9292 Stock: 11 Rapesco X5 Mini White Less Effort Stapler A compact, highly effective stapler, the X5-Mini Less Effort provides easy, hassle-fr rrp.23rrp.19 (save 48) Only.